Welcome leaders, coaches and change makers

Awaken your highest potential to make deep and lasting impact as a professional coach




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Welcome leaders, coaches and change makers

Awaken your highest potential to make deep and lasting impact as a professional coach




I want to make deep impact by becoming a LUCA coach

I want to deepen my impact as a leader

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Our Mission

At LUCA, we are committed to advancing human potential by elevating the practice, presence and profession of coaching.

We believe that each individual possesses an authentic identity and a constellation of strengths, talents, gifts and attributes that make them unique and remarkable.

We believe LUCA coaches will create a ripple effect that will reach beyond to the wider community and the world, helping people fulfill their deep yearnings and reach their full potential.


“Coaching is not just a set of skills but a way of being in the world that creates appreciation, connection and expansion.”

Robin Altman, LUCA Founder

What Do We Stand for at LUCA

Awaken to your highest potential through heart, mind and spirit connected learning

Fast-track immersive curriculum


The LUCA curriculum follows the latest thought leadership and research in the field of human development.


Our curriculum is created and delivered with rigour, so LUCA coaches have deeper and more lasting impact.


With LUCA fast-track courses you can receive all training and mentoring requirements for your coaching credential in just seven months without compromising the quality of your learning.


Our curriculum is delivered 100% online.

Engaging learning experience


At LUCA we value and support each student in becoming a unique coach in a way that is authentic and meaningful to them.


LUCA’s fully immersive experience means students learn how to coach others by experiencing their own transformation in their “becoming” as coach.


Our classes are designed for small groups and our courses are structured for a variety of learning styles.


Our state-of-the-art learning portal is user friendly and supports your engagement in the LUCA community.


Our classes are engaging, with a grounding in trust, community and active learning.


LUCA student coaches apply their learning immediately, in and out of class.

Learn and grow with us in class and beyond


At LUCA courses and certification are only the beginning. We strive to support you in maximizing your impact with clients, building your coaching business successfully and continuously learning and thriving with us.


We continuously strive to maintain the highest standards in the practice of coaching, in class and beyond.


We are building a community of like-minded coaches and coach-leaders who will share, learn, grow and collaborate together over the long term.


LUCA invites you to join our movement of coaches and coach-leaders dedicated to making the world a better place through coaching.

LUCA is grounded in deep experience and commitment

Robin Altman, our founder, has been educating and mentoring student coaches for ten years as they prepared for ICF credential. Over that time, she developed a thorough understanding of what student coaches need to be successful, their challenges and how to support them in their growth.

The LUCA experience is designed to meet those needs.


“Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.”

Timothy Gallwey, author and coaching pioneer

Learn and Grow with LUCA

Immersive Fast Track – Parts 1 & 2

Engaging, comprehensive preparation for professional-level certification in as few as 26 weeks

Coaching Business Builder

A five-module course designed to support your success in launching your coaching business

Immersive Fast Track – Part 1

Learn the fundamentals of coaching and prepare for associate-level certification in as few as 14 weeks

Going Deeper – Part 2

Uplevel your coaching, deepen your impact, and prepare for professional-level certification in as few as 12 weeks

Group Mentor Coaching

An effective way to take your coaching to the next level alongside your peers, at any time in your career

(These mentor coaching hours are eligible for your ICF credential application.)

Mentor Coaching with Robin Altman

The most customized and efficient way of accelerating your proficiency as coach

(These mentor coaching hours are eligible for your ICF credential application.)

Funding your investment

Your LUCA education is an investment in your future and the future of everyone you will impact as a coach.
The following options can support you in making that investment.

Payment Plans for Immersive Fast Track - Parts 1 & 2

 Our most cost-effective package provides a start-to-finish solution:

The LUCA Immersive Fast Track – Parts 1 & 2 program fully prepares students for their professional designation by aligning our offer with PCC Level 2 requirements set out by the International Coaching Federation.

As a special gift and welcome into our community for those signing up to our Immersive Fast Track – Parts 1 & 2 course, you will receive complimentary enrolment into our post graduate Business Builder Course, as well as two expert-led events to support you in building a profitable and sustainable coaching business. These expert-led events will provide training on developing your Coaching Brand Story for your website as well as content creation and social media. Click here for details.

What’s more, we offer a pay-in-full or pay-in-two-instalments option for your convenience. (For 2 instalments, pay the first now and the second installment up to three weeks after the start of classes.)

Space Out the Cost of Your Learning

As an alternative to taking the full Immersive Fast Track to Level 1 & 2 right away, you can choose to space out the cost of your coaching education by starting with the LUCA Immersive Fast Track – Part 1. The Immersive Fast Track to ACC program offers the same research-based content and immersive learning environment as Part 1 of the Immersive Fast Track to PCC.

Then when you’re ready, come back for Going Deeper – Part 2, which includes the same rich content and learning environment as Part 2 of the Immersive Fast Track – Parts 1 & 2.

Or if you have already prepared for ACC certification, even at another institution, complete your preparation for PCC certification with us in Going Deeper – Part 2.

Loans for Newcomers to Canada

Newcomers to Canada with Permanent Resident or Protected Persons refugee status can apply for a loan with Windmill Microlending to help cover the cost of our program.

Windmill Microlending is a registered charity dedicated to helping skilled immigrants and refugees continue their careers in Canada. To learn about this financing option visit the Windmill website.

Employer Sponsorship

Most organizations are invested in employee development, and often there is an opportunity for a full or partial tuition reimbursement.

Let us help you with a presentation-ready slide deck that can support you in making a case to your organization.

Money-back guarantee up to three weeks after the start of classes. LUCA is confident in our curriculum and we invite you to join us for three weeks of class, risk free. If LUCA education is not for you, we will refund your payment with no questions asked.

Are you already a certified coach?

Take the LUCA Coaching Business Builder course

Already working towards your ICF ACC or PCC credential?

Robin Altman, Founder of the Luca Institute

Talk to our Founder

Book a chat with founder Robin Altman to learn more about LUCA and the Immersive Fast Track – Parts 1 & 2 program

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